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How did this book come about?


The light goes off. It’s 3:30 in the morning and here I sit… as usual. My wife sleeps quietly beside me. In a few minutes, my life will be forever changed. I put down my book and take the tattered page from my wallet. It stares back at me, gloating over its defeat! I read the first and most important of the twenty questions, What is Love? – No answer… I sigh.


“Now what do I do?” I ask myself, disenchanted. I have been looking for the answers by reading every book I could get my hands on: Spirituality, Religion, Science, and Philosophy. The librarian jokingly offered me a cot in the back room since I was spending so much time there. She is right, I must have read several hundred books over the last few years.


But that’s all over. Just this moment I finish my last book and sadly realize that my years of searching have been in vain. The answers are NOT to be found in my precious books. I was sure of that, now… Here I sit agonizing, my 20 questions leering back, taunting me. I fear my conclusion: I will never find the answers to my questions. I wonder, “Whom could I even ask? Who knows the answers to such deep questions?” Frustrated, I sigh, “God only knows?”


Those three words echo back in my mind: “God only… knows.” But wait… this isn’t my voice! And, it isn’t asking, it is answering. It doesn’t even sound like me. There is no quiet desperation as in my whimpered question; rather this is a strong, self-assured voice. It moves me deeply, these three simple words spoken in the dark recesses of my mind.


Fear creeps over me; darkness seemingly intensifies. Self-conscious, I tremble and ask, “God?” Quick comes the reply, ”Yes, son.” Oh, how comforting are His words: strong, reassuring, and powerful. I respond to His beckoning voice the only way I can in a moment of communion like this. (I wish you could have felt the power and emotion of this first, eye-opening conversation; but alas, this is ink upon paper.) Our first conversation, wracked with emotion, begins this way:


Yes son.

I love you!

I know. I love you too.

I wish to love You more. I wish my love for You to be purer and stronger. How may this be done?

Learn of love.

Teach me about love.

I Myself AM love. Whenever you speak of love in the proper context, you speak of Me.

I have read that God is love.

Yes, and I meant it literally. Let Me give you some examples.

So begins Chapter 1 titled, Love. This book also explores subjects such as: Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Joy and suffering? What man fears most? Eliminating pain and suffering? The style is casual and conversational, like between a father and a young child. Jesus’ words are clear and simple as He explains each answer. Read and see!





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