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Peniel G.G.G. has produced a wealth of information in addition to the book, "Oh My God! Are You Talking to Me? (My Conversations with Jesus)". Recently, many persons have asked to have more access to this material. I will make available, as time permits, what I can. Bear with me!

Here on this page, I will list and link to various of the Workshops, Seminar, Other writings, other materials, scanned images, etc.

The Box (Fictional Novel by Peniel G.G.G.) - A small black box with infinite power and knowledge tests Scott Hurst to see if he is worthy to wield such power and become the next 'Ancient One...' (114 pgs)

Scanned Images 1   Excerpts, Workshops, Tests, books read, etc. (133 pages)

Scanned Images 2   Improvement Training Seminar - Instructor's Guide Book (54 pages)

Scanned Images 3   "I AM" Book (Unfinished - 28 pages)

Scanned Images 4   "The Foundation" Book (Unfinished- 73 pages)

Scanned Images 5   Various 'Other' Writings (117 pages)

More to come...

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