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* EA-010-KC: OMG Q1, I want Jesus; Excellent answer; Holiness discussion;  Holiness of God; Is everything holy except persons and demons?; Death; The Spiritual Discussion Archives; Consecration by God; how Holiness effects a person; why is the world finite?; Is man finite?; We are in God's image, why are we limited?; Man's infinite capacity to know, learn, and remember; God loves others through us; God loves Himself in others, through us; God loves Himself - through Himself; correct and right, incorrect and wrong; what God wants of us; man's ability to love is infinite; love is not divided, it is only multiplied; the steps to salvation my church proposed; Clarification of correct vs right; Salvation by grace, grace and works; man in a coma, saving him, rites, rituals, procedures; * What is minimally needed to get to heaven; Helping me with problems; Peniel's PLEA to allow him to assist with problems or 'Who am I? Why am I here? What is my mission and purpose in life?'; Peniel's 'The Matrix' agrees with physicist Julian Barbour's theories; What is 'sin against the Holy Spirit'?; The Unforgivable Sin; Alarm Bells (I fear to open up or expose myself too much); Jesus speaks: Jesus gives Kathy her 'true name': Yatsar ken Mizraq, Jesus explains that He has been calling her, Jesus teaches her lessons and explains things, Jesus comforts and compels her to 'open up' some; The past is dead and buried; Emotional loyalty; Kathy finds out what 'Yatsar" means (it fits her perfectly); Peniel explains about his name; the Private discussion go Public; Allowing Jesusí Words to be known; Yatsar guesses at what her 'purpose' is; Peniel explains Yatsar's Personal Mission Statement;  Coming full circle, Yatsar agrees and accepts her 'mission'; apology; chastisement; Your Mission Statement, What Is God?; How to 'be God for others'; Letting others 'adore' you; Passing that adoration back to God; Tears; Gestalts; God of Pottery; Examples of how to 'Be God for others'; Personalities; Mark vs Peniel G.G.G.; Get out the Kleenex; Jesus speaks again: He is 'with you'; You ARE the flower. I AM the Son!; Grace, living water, showing 'God' to others; Open up a little more each day! * 

 EA-014-DC: Moved by OMG; Is it a fiction book; It is NOT Fiction, blurb explained; David's history, marital problems; I am a common sinful man, I am an expert on Love, JESUS teaches (LONG): Love, Spouses loving each other, judgment regarding your actions toward your spouse, the 5 Levels of Love: Acknowledge, Accept, Appreciate, Admire, Adore, why you love has faded, Loves 5 vehicles it travels through, how to show pure love correctly; Peniel explains, finding the path; Workshop 5 - L.O.V.E. (Love's Object - Various Expressions); Dave's Prayer (BEAUTIFUL!); Jesus teaches again (LONG): Why do we feel that love has faded, It is the 'communication' of love that is at fault, View your spouse as Jesus, What love wants, needs, desires, etc.; Why has your love decreased?, What the demon has done: he has lied to you!, Jesus gives Dave his 'true' name: Verk Tseykhn; your family's challenge, see Ann as God incarnate, my powerful love will transform your lives; Peniel explains the importance of communications, the masks we wear, the effects of this 'phony' being loved hurts us; you cannot love what you do not know; the actor who played Gandhi parable; there are no problems - just challenges; Adam & Eve discussion; bible analysis questions (before bible study); MAC or PC discussion;  How amazing that Jesus replied through you!; Thanks for the prayer; More discussion of Marital Problems and how to resolve them; Why does Ann 'feel' like you don't love her as you used to; Why has your expression of love toward your wife changed?; What can kill love?; What is love's only need?; What is love's desire?; Demons have lied to you!; reasons why you have refused to show the deep love you have for your wife; JESUS teaches (long): You believe your wife is 'less than perfect'; She IS still perfect!; Your wife is my vessel for your love; See your wife as if she were Jesus; Communications is vital to love!; All relationships are based on love; Bible study questions; Adam & Eve  

 EA-013-TW: Reading OMG, I though only Jesus could atone for sins; Atonement discussion (long); Interesting and convincing, what are your other books, seminars, workshops and when how available; All free - novitiate is scanning pages; discussion on God's Nature (regarding His abilities) - Can God sin? (long); Discussion re Sin (long); discussion re Holiness; I will help scan if I can; Scanning proposal, page image files are now up on web; Meeting face to face; The book The Box; The dilemma and paradox of Jesus' temptation (long); Can and Will dissertation; More paradoxical questions; Bible Study: Genesis 2 (Adam, animals, Eve, nakedness); Holy & holy dissertation and reference material (very long); getting OLD workshops, seminars, and books scanned in and typed in; Uploaded page image files are readable; Peniel's writing history (long); vision of getting all material and teaching made available to others; Scanning images of Spiritual Material; Semantics, God CAN sin!; Questions about Peniel's Seminars and Workshops; History of Peniel's Seminars and Workshops (long); God and Quantum Mechanics; Is Hell hot?; Hell, Sheol, Hades, Purgatory, Limbo, Abraham's Bosom, Heaven; Events, Time-sequences, God (before the creation); Spirit, the mind of God, existence, angels, 7 choirs, power; Hell is awfully hot!; Lazarus & the rich man; Quantum Physics, connected photons, action at a distance, flipping particles; The disembodied brain and life-simulating computer scenario; The Reality of the fpu (Fundamental Physical Universe); The Matrix (a description of the fpu); physicality of 'things'; the Illusion of the Physical Universe; the Speed of Light as an upper maximum; the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle as a 'smallness' limit 

EA-011-GT: Why is book not free?; it IS free; Surgery; I will still pay; Thanks

  EA-009-JM: Moved by OMG; CWG discussions; the Name "Peniel"; Davids's History; Spiritual discovery questions; Your next step; Gambling; UFOs, New Age stuff; Answers; Missing emails; 3 huts on an island; A car, a boat and a helicopter; The Box book; The 4 BIG Questions; The Truth seeker and the Zen Master; How Jesus came to Peniel; My findings regarding religion and denominations; I don't believe in sin, I missed your point, I got different spiritual conclusions, Can we still talk; Yes, my brother, forever; *  Beliefs about God; how did the book OMGAYTTM come to be written - details (long); CWG and OMG similarities; Divine Plagiarism?; early review of OMG book; the 'problem' of 'Christ'; Is Jesus a Liar, a Lunatic, or the Lord?; non-Christians and their response to Jesus Christ and His claims; what Jesus said; what Jesus claimed; the New Age view of Christ; the New Age (CWG) view of God; we humans are 'separate' from God; God is not now 'missing' some parts; God does NOT need man to be 'whole' and 'complete'; What if WE Christians are correct and you New Agers are mistaken?;Our paths are diverging; I fully accept both you and your chosen beliefs!; I love you!; No more testimony or witnessing to you; I hope this is NOT goodbye!

EA-006-AP: Reading OMG, what job do you have; Discussion re: Holiness; Holiness in people

EA-004-SH: I have had OMG for 10 years, read it many times; Remember me; The Box book; Personal Info

EA-003-K3: Reading OMG; Are you Mormon?; Peniel's Ode; Spreading your books; Book now published

EA-002-MT: OMG Book Review; OMG Book Information

EA-001-KS: I Cried, Reading OMG; Warning about problems reading OMG; The name Peniel; CWG Similarities; OMG Book Review



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