Scanned Images 3
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"I AM" Book (unfinished)

Here are a group of scanned images that we are in the process of typing into electronic format.

IAM.0005.jpg, (Image of Page 5 partial Index of 'scanned images') (Not numbered!)


IAM.0001.jpg, IAM.0001.jpg, IAM.0002.jpg, IAM.0003.jpg, IAM.0004.jpg, IAM.0005.jpg, IAM.0006.jpg, IAM.0007.jpg, IAM.0008.jpg, IAM.0009.jpg, IAM.0010.jpg, IAM.0011.jpg, IAM.0012.jpg, IAM.0013.jpg, IAM.0014.jpg, IAM.0015.jpg, IAM.0016.jpg, IAM.0017.jpg, IAM.0018.jpg, IAM.0019.jpg, IAM.0020.jpgIAM.0021.jpg, IAM.0022.jpg, IAM.0023.jpg, IAM.0024.jpg, IAM.0025.jpg, IAM.0026.jpg, IAM.0027.jpg, IAM.0028.jpg


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