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Welcome to Peniel's Spiritual Discussion Group Archive Files Intro Page

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My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 
Welcome to the spiritual discussion group archive page.
Here you will find the archives of Peniel's Spiritual Discussion (typically via email) with various persons.

 If you have problems, difficulties, concerns, troubles... I am here to help. Open your heart and tell me what is troubling you, or causing you suffering, and grant me the pleasure of assisting you past this barrier. If you do not feel close to God, say why and we will bring you closer to Him. If you are having problems with your spouse, children, parents, family, friends, co-workers or whomever, say so and we will discuss it. Jesus spent many years teaching me to be a counselor. I am an expert on love and relationships, and I have never seen a problem or situation that could not be made better. With the proper guidance, and instructions on how to love better, how to express love better, how to feel more loved and be more loving, everything in one's life can be improved.
This discussion group is REALLY about love and relationships, although everything I teach has a spiritual 'slant' to it, because of where I got the information. BUT, Jesus would much rather that you treat your spouse with deep and sincere love than to pray a thousand prayers. He would rather see you teach your children the truth than to attend a hundred services. This is what He has taught me: he desires mercy, not sacrifice; He prefers loving actions to those around us than to weekly lip-service; and He wants us to grow in knowledge and love, rather than to reread those same scriptures again. All of these are good and useful, but some things are superior to others in His sight. I tend to deal with those things He has told me He deeply cares about: love, life, relationships, spouses, children, parents, family, friends, associates, and then religion and spirituality.
Come, join with me. Let us together seek out all that He wishes to reveal to us. Take the chance, join in, seek His help. You will be amazed at how easy and quick you lives will change for the better if you receive this information with an open mind and a willing heart. I have seen hundreds of lives changed by the methods He has given me to assist others, allow me the pleasure to assist you also.
My fee is quite acceptable: it costs only your time. My burden is fairly easy: learn to love. My motive will become self-evident: I desire for God to look with favor upon me. He has shown me clearly that my personal mission in life is to teach others the Truth, as He has taught me. In doing these things for you, I am fulfilling His mission for me. He oftentimes will do some of the teaching Himself, and in these times, I learn new ways to glorify and love Him. I desire to love Him more than all things, and He tells me, "love ME through loving them, by helping them, by teaching them, by guiding them."
I offer my humble services to you as teacher, guide, and lover. Let me love you, teach you and guide you. Always take every thing I say with the required grains of salt, for I am a common sinful man, and some of what filters through me gets mixed up. Some of what I teach might be inappropriate for some at their current level. Use you own wise judgment God has given you, glean what good you may from my babbling, and simply disregard the rest. I am in no ways offended. As a matter of a fact, I am quite pleased just to have an audience to 'listen to me babble' even if not one of them 'hears' me.
Let us pray: Father, as we begin this discussion group, we beseech You to guide us and teach us. Help us to come to a deeper understanding of You and Truth and what You want of us. Show us what You will, and what is Your will. Help us to discover a deeper understanding of You so that we may love Thee more dearly, follow Thee more nearly, and see Thee more clearly, in order to give Greater Glory to God (GGG.)
Amen (I agree.)
Some people have plenty of free time and read all of them. Others have less and disregard all but those that really interest them. If you ever wish to discuss or comment on anything in any of them, just email me and we'll discuss it (and of course, everyone else will be CCd on my replies to you.) All discussions will all be made available here in the discussion archive files eventually.
This email method of discussing spiritual matters with individual persons, AND letting everyone else learn from such discussions, is very useful to me in my mission to teach as many persons as much as I can; especially in lieu of the fact that we are in diverse locations. This way, we could be anywhere in the world and still be an active member (or viewer) of all that is discussed this way.
I must express to you (and all reading this discussion group intro) that Jesus has expressed great interest in this group and has already voluntarily taught a lesson on love and 'resolving marital problems' in one of the recent replies. I have just reread all of the archives this weekend, and I must say, there is some very good information in there by a variety of people. I thank everyone for their input!

 Brothers and sisters in Christ, I sincerely pray that God grant all of you success, well-being and good fortune. May He fill your lives with joy, your hearts with love, and your mind with peace.
Peniel G.G.G. (pronounced "pen-yell" like an ink pen screaming)
Author: Oh My God! Are You Talking to Me?: My Conversations with Jesus
Book ISBN: 0958054371
"My Conversations With Jesus" = MCWJ
Book Web Site : http://www.mcwj.com/
Email: Peniel@Peniel.us
Phone: (405) 964-6436
Toll free: 1-866-MCWJ-777 (1-866-629-5777)


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